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Founded in 1999, Shanghai Runda MedicalScience and Technology Co., Ltd (“Runda Medical”) is an integrated serviceprovider of medical laboratory based in Shanghai.  Using East China as a hub, Runda Medical isquickly expanding to the rest of China. Our core business is providing a fullrange of in vitro diagnostics(IVD) products and professional technical supportfor medical laboratories. Since its inception, Runda Medical has dedicated itselfto establishing China’s leading in vitro diagnostics products circulation andservice platform, offering high quality and wide-ranging in vitro diagnostics productsand services to medical institutions, in order to satisfy the individualizeddemand ofmedical institutions. Since then, Runda Medical has become one of theleading companies in China’s in vitro diagnostics product circulation andservice industry.

Runda Medical insists on“utilizing advancedtechnologies; deliveringfirst-class quality ; prioritizing customersatisfaction; keeping innovating new products”。Runda establishesrelatively comprehensive service system based on the operational tendencies ofthe clinical laboratory systems, provides products and comprehensive servicesquickly and effectively for various medical laboratories, in order to obtainaccurate and timly test results, improve the quality of the test result andguarantee the continuous and stable implementation of the testing systems. Thecomprehensive service system of Runda Medical includes a wide range of productportfolio options, professional technical service teams and service networksand a logistics distribution system , which enables Runda Medical to provideall-around technical support services for the inspection work of variousmedical laboratories, offer intergrated services such as  sales support and customer channel managementfor product suppliers.

Adhering to the road of specializedcomprehensive services is a powerful driving force for the continuing  growth of Runda Medical. After more than tenyears of development, Runda Medical has built a widespread and highly reliableservice network and comprehensive service system throughout East China and therest of the world, provides integrated solutions ofdaily inspection for morethan two thousand medical institutions, and has won the trust of customers and establishedstrong relationships.